Mezzanine Floor

Customized mezzanines floors assemble quickly with much ease and simplicity. These floors can be effortlessly relocated, enlarged or dismantled. These mezzanine floors have high load bearing capacity. Heavy duty columns take less floor area compared to the old designs, further helping in the operation of the lower level. Mezzanine floors help to completely utilize the existing overhead space and gain valuable working area.

Wynco Mezzanine Floors can be used as office, for storage of materials or for manufacturing at lesser cost than civil floors. We specialize in fabricating, supplying and installing finer quality of mezzanine floor.

Some features of Wynco Mezzanine floors are :

  • Low maintenance
  • High quality anti corrosive materials.
  • Minimal costs of AC heating and lighting.
  • It provides proper utilization of space.
  • Designed as per your requirement.

Wynco Mezzanine Floors are being used in various Offices, Factories and Warehouses. We design our products to meet and suit your needs.

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